Krypton Calls

Krypton Calls is combining the marketing Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

We are partnered with SquidGrow Joe and offer a multitude of services as listed below!

Our goal is to become the biggest and most trusted YouTube/Call Channel for investors, along with being the most trusted and reliable marketing agency for devs and their projects.

We will accomplish this by utilizing our vast network of connections accross YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter. Krypton Calls will provide you discounts on some of your favorite YouTubers and Call Channels!

Krypton Calls will also implement a 10% bounty for every project that is brought to us and we agree to promote!


Krypton Calls will offer the following to fully-vetted projects: Calls, AMAs, YouTube Videos from Joe and Jim Crypto, KYC, Contract Audits, and CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listings. As we grow, more services may be added.

As noted above, we will have an extensive vetting process. We will not be a "pay for play" channel / company. If a project does not meet our standards / guidelines, we will not work with them. Our reputation means more than anything, especially in this space.


Krypton Calls Will Be Offering To Fully-Vetted Projects:

Calls, AMAs, YouTube Videos from SquidGrow Joe, YouTube Videos from Shaun, YouTube Videos from other known Youtubers, KYC, Contract Audits, Shilling Services, and CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listings. As we grow, more services may be added.

If you own a project or a part of a project that thinks they can benefit from our services reach out and let’s get the process started!

For all Inquiries:

Telegram: @The_Kryptonian01

Twitter: @KryptonCalls